Actor — Performer — Perfectionist

A natural and versatile performer with an eye for detail, natural dedication and unerring enthusiasm.

About Daniel

Daniel Bouvet came to the Theatre later in life having experienced that ‘Eureka!’ moment in 2017.

Trained at Bristol Acting Academy, throughout his studies Daniel brought his innate dedication to the task, unerring enthusiasm and unfaltering vision to each role he has played.

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Work & Showreel


Working with Daniel Bouvet has been a pleasurable experience, due to his attitude to work and precious professional acting experience. During the pre-production process he came on board full of enthusiasm and with an attitude that made our jobs easier. He was quick to solidify his availability and keen to develop the character thoroughly and also open to work with the writer at available opportunities. On set, Daniel was professional and willing to adapt to the set situations that presented themselves. I would personally and professionally promote and encourage Daniel’s acting ability in the future.

Thank you again Daniel.

Issy Gardiner-Smith, Producer, Out of the Frying Pan

Contact Daniel

You can contact me at daniel@danielbouvet.com, or by calling on (07990) 524513.