Daniel Bouvet Testimonials

Daniel is a superb actor and a consummate professional. He approaches each and every aspect of the business with unwavering diligence, commitment and respect. Daniel always gives 101% and I have no doubt that wherever and whatever he works on the project will benefit greatly.

Gary Owston, Principal, Bristol Acting Academy

Daniel is a commitment and focussed Actor. He puts his all into the role and is dedicated to the craft.

James Gardner, Director, Forgiveness

From the word go, Daniel was a pleasure to work with. Outstanding and professional, he truly helped elevate what was a simple passion project into something genuinely quite fantastic. Never an ‘off’ beat, his delivery was honest, his presence was warm and I would happily recommend him to anyone and would jump at the opportunity to work with him again. At the very least, keep an eye out for this man because I believe big things are coming at the hands of one Daniel Bouvet!

Charlie Bell, Director, The DSM5

Daniel is a superb actor, who prepares expertly and professionally for the role he is assigned. I had the privilege of seeing Daniel bring "Jerry" to life better than I could have ever imagined. A true professional, a talented actor, and above all, a pleasure to work with.

Paul Clark, Director, Three Shots

Daniel played the sole character in our short 90-second film. He was able to command the screen with complete confidence, showing brilliant control of his dialogue, facial expressions and non-verbal communication. He was also a complete professional and a joy to work with, possessing a refreshing and dedicated enthusiasm for the filmmaking process.

Theo Watkins, Director, Past Lives

Working with Daniel Bouvet has been a pleasurable experience, due to his attitude to work and precious professional acting experience. During the pre-production process he came on board full of enthusiasm and with an attitude that made our jobs easier. He was quick to solidify his availability and keen to develop the character thoroughly and also open to work with the writer at available opportunities. On set, Daniel was professional and willing to adapt to the set situations that presented themselves. I would personally and professionally promote and encourage Daniel’s acting ability in the future.

Thank you again Daniel.

Issy Gardiner-Smith, Producer, Out of the Frying Pan

I recently Directed a short film called 'Out of The Frying Pan'. We cast Daniel in the role of our multi-faceted antagonist 'Malcolm'. Cast at short notice Daniel approached the role with a well thought through and professional manner. He quickly found the core characteristics of Malcolm, always making sure he understood the characters motivations and how his character fitted within the big picture of the film. He took direction well and was able to offer subtle variety in his performance.

John Quarrell, Director, Out of the Frying Pan

Dan was great in the role, very enthusiastic and keen to jump straight in. Highly recommend.

Adam Starks, Starks Films, Low Flyers

Dan played the conservative politician in our satirical sketch. He had clearly worked hard on the character and brought a flair to the role.

I would recommend Dan for any productions.

Tommy James, Naked Beast Productions, And now a Party Political Broadcast on behalf of Naked Beast Productions